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Floor Radiant Heat Systems


Yuhan provides a full line of floor heating systems that provide warmth and comfort to homes and businesses.

As an alternate to a forced air system or a baseboard radiator along the floor, a floor radiant heat system warms up the entire floor. The heat is made possible in two ways: hot water pipes embedded in or directly below the floor or electric mats in or below the floor.

Hot Water System

Hot water is the standard for larger installations. It is generally more economical and uses natural gas, oil, solar energy or geothermal energy as a heat source. Because the flow of water can be controlled and divided to many zones, this system provides heat in the right amount exactly when and where you need it.

Electric System

Electric systems are thinner and good for retrofits in existing homes or businesses. The initial cost of an electric system is lower that a hot water system because it uses electric as the heat source, and does not need a separate furnace or major equipment. In addition, there’s no concern for freezing or leaking.

Yuhan provides high-quality products backed by superior service to maximize your comfort and minimize energy consumption. Contact our Sales Representative to discuss further about your heating needs.