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Dampers and Diffusers


Yuhan provides and installs a full line of air devices - grilles, registers, diffusers, dampers, and louvers for homes and businesses.

We support leading brands including Titus, Greenheck, Hart & Cooley and many others that meet your styles, requirements and budget.

Take control of your heating and cooling!

In most homes or offices, the thermostats that are usually located in a hallway end up being set for either the hardest room to condition or the hardest person to satisfy. The Emme Room-By- Room system resolves this issue by making every room in a home or office its own zone.

Along with Room-By- Room comfort, the Emme system also provides energy savings on heating and cooling bills. The system reduces over conditioning and uses SmartCirculation to circulate air between the warmest and coolest rooms, instead of turning on HVAC units. The system’s SaverMode reduces conditioning in unoccupied rooms, and with the press of one button, the AwayMode allows for reduced conditioning while the home is unoccupied.

Architects, Builders and Engineering firms are coming to turn to the Emme system for the following benefits:

  • Emme can significantly reduce the overall HVAC budget (Emme included) in commercial, industrial, municipal buildings and large custom homes
  • Emme provides room-by- room comfort with most of Heating and Cooling equipment
  • Emme provides six key ways for enabling users to reduce their energy consumption by up to 40%
  • Emme can be installed on top of an existing HVAC specified design, but eliminates the need for traditional zoning
  • Emme enables the number of air handlers and condensers to be reduced by 50% in commercial, industrial, municipal buildings and large custom homes.
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